How to Check Easypaisa Transaction ID (Check Trx ID History)

How to Check Easypaisa Transaction ID: Easypaisa users can Check and review their transaction IDs and history directly through the Easypaisa app. A Transaction ID (Trx ID) is a reference number for every transaction made, acting as proof of funds transferred. Here’s a user-friendly guide on how to check your Easypaisa Transaction ID and download your transaction history.

Steps to Check Easypaisa Transaction ID

  • Open the EasyPaisa App.
  • Access the Menu: Click on the three lines in the top left corner.
  • Go to Transaction History: This will reveal a list of your recent transactions, including date, time, and amount.
  • View Specific Transaction Details: By clicking the “view” button next to a transaction, you can see the specific Trx ID and other details like the receiver and bank names.

Remember, a typical Easy Paisa Transaction ID contains 10 digits

How to Download Easypaisa Transactions History

  • Open the EasyPaisa App.
  • Navigate to Transaction History: Click on the three lines in the top left corner and select Transaction History.
  • Download E-Statement: Click the “Download E-Statement” button, and your transaction history will be downloaded to your device.

Keeping Records with EasyPaisa

EasyPaisa enables you to meticulously record all your transactions, serving as legitimate proof of your financial activities. You can refer to the above guidelines to access and download your transaction history whenever needed, without additional charges

Terms & Conditions

  • Only EasyPaisa app users can access their transaction IDs and history.
  • The transaction history comprises all fund transfers.
  • No additional charges are applicable for checking or downloading transaction history.

For more detailed information on transactions and other features, you can visit the official EasyPaisa site.

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