Services Feature Dialing Codes of SCOM (SCO 2024)

Understanding SCOM’s Dialing Codes: A Simple Guide Are you navigating the world of SCOM’s services? Whether you’re a new subscriber or a seasoned user, understanding the various USSD codes can be quite a task. That’s where we step in! Our guide is designed to simplify these codes for both prepaid and postpaid users, making your SCOM experience hassle-free.

Dialing Codes of SCOM – All USSD Codes List:

  • Balance Check: *125#
  • Advance Loan: *135#
  • Card Recharge: 126PIN#
  • Recharge for Others: 126SCOM Sim Number*PIN#
  • Balance Transfer: 128Amount*Mob No#
  • Free Minutes Bundle Query: *125# then Reply 1
  • Missed Call Alerts (English): Dial 1271*1# or Send ”CHMCN 1″ to 373
  • Missed Call Alerts (Urdu): Press 1271*2# or Send ”CHMCN 2″ to 373
  • (Deactivate) Missed Call Alerts: Dial 1272# or Send “UNMCN” to 373
  • Package activation/change: Press *725# or Dial 725
  • (Activate) SMS Blocking Feature: Send “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
  • SMS Blocking Feature (Add Num): SMS “ADD 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
  • SMS Blocking Feature (Del Num): Send “DEL 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
  • (Query) SMS Blocking Feature: Send “QU” to 420
  • (Deactivate) SMS Blocking Feature: SMS “UNSUB” to 420
  • (Activate) SMS Forwarding Feature: Send “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 373
  • (Query) SMS Forwarding: SMS “QU” to 373
  • (Deactivate) SMS Forwarding: Send “UNSUB” to 373
  • Internet settings (Pull): Send “Setting” to 605

(Dialing Codes of SCOM) Internet Settings and More

  • Accessible Internet Settings: Send “Setting” to 605, and you’re all set.
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Our guide aims to keep you informed about SCOM’s services and features. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. We’re here to help you stay connected effortlessly with SCOM!

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