How To EasyPaisa Biometric Verification Through Mobile 2023

How To EasyPaisa Biometric Verification through Mobile 2024: EasyPaisa, a popular financial application in Pakistan, has rolled out a new feature—Biometric Verification through Mobile. To use this feature, ensure you have the latest app version, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. This feature is crucial for users who have received official communication from EasyPaisa to verify their accounts. Here’s a revamped, user-friendly version of the given information.

EasyPaisa Biometric Verification 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

The government of Pakistan and EasyPaisa officials have taken an appreciable step by introducing Biometric Verification to enhance the limit of regular accounts and close inactive ones.

Importance of Verification

Verification is vital due to the newly updated company terms and conditions in 2024. If users fail to verify their accounts, the officials can close them by posting one warning. All users must utilise the service for sending or receiving money.

EasyPaisa Biometric Verification Methods

  • Via EasyPaisa App on Mobile
  • By visiting the Official EasyPaisa Franchise

Via EasyPaisa App on Mobile

To avail of this, you need to update your EasyPaisa App to the latest version. a. Open the app and select “Upgrade your Account”. b. Follow the instructions to scan your left hand and right hand as illustrated in the app. c. Complete the subsequent form and submit!

Open Easypaisa App and click on “upgrade your account”
Open Easypaisa App and click on “upgrade your account”
After scanning complete a form will open, fill it and done!
After scanning complete a form will open, fill it and done!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the verification, elevating your account to Level 1.

Franchise Verification

Visit your nearest franchise with your CNIC card and ask the agent to re-verify your account. Post thumb impression and CNIC verification; your account details will be updated accordingly.

Benefits of Verification:

Conclusion EasyPaisa Biometric Verification

It’s imperative to be a responsible user and verify your account at the earliest, whether through the EasyPaisa app or by visiting the nearest franchise. Non-verified accounts risk being blocked by officials, causing inconveniences in future transactions.

Final Note

Stay updated with EasyPaisa’s terms and conditions and maximise your transactions by utilizing the newly integrated features. Don’t miss out on experiencing enhanced, seamless transactions with EasyPaisa!

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