Jazz Call Divert Code – Jazz Call Forwarding Service 2024

Jazz Call Divert Code – Jazz Call Forwarding Service 2024: Jazz Call Divert and Forwarding are essentially the same service, providing a convenient way to redirect incoming calls to another number. This feature is practical if you’re occupied and prefer to avoid being disturbed by calls or SMS.

How It Works

Imagine sending a package to a specific address, but someone else at the same address receives it. Similarly, when someone calls your number, the call is automatically transferred to a different number you’ve designated.

Activating Jazz Call Divert/Forwarding

  • Primary Code for Activation: Dial 210300786# for a straightforward activation at a fixed charge.
  • Alternative Activation Method: If the primary code encounters issues, try 21, followed by the number you wish to forward calls to, like 2103057867860#.

Service Details

  • Service Name: Call Divert
  • Activation Codes: 210300786# / 21Number#
  • Deactivation Codes: ##21# / ##002#
  • Charges: Fixed
  • Validity: Lifetime
  • Availability: Prepaid Subscribers

Managing Your Divert List

  • Checking Divert Numbers: Dial *#21# to see a list of numbers you’ve added to your divert list. The network will send a confirmation message with the details.

Deactivating the Service

To discontinue Jazz Call Forwarding, use either ##21# or ##002#. This free process removes all previously added numbers from your divert list.

Manual Phone Settings for Call Divert

You can also manage call forwarding through your phone’s settings:

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Select ‘Call Settings’.
  • Choose the ‘Call Forward’ option.
  • Enable the feature and add the numbers you want to divert calls to.
  • Save your new settings.

Additional Information

For further assistance and tips like Jazz Card Load, you can explore more on our website.

Apna4G’s Tip

This service primarily benefits individuals, such as girls, who might receive unwanted calls. Easily activate the service through your phone settings or SIM codes provided to avoid disturbances from unknown numbers.

Easy and Convenient

Jazz Call Divert/Forwarding Service offers a seamless way to manage your calls according to your convenience and needs.

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