Jazz Mobile Installment Plan – Jazz X Kistpay

In an unprecedented move in Pakistan’s telecom and technology sector, Jazz, in collaboration with Kistpay, offers a unique chance to purchase new smartphones on installment plans. This opportunity, exclusive to Jazz Prepaid & Postpaid users, marks the first time in the country’s history that customers can acquire mobile devices online at discounted prices.

Unlock the Door to Your Dream Smartphone with Jazz

Everyone dreams of owning the latest and most advanced smartphones, but often, budget constraints stand in the way. Recognizing this, Jazz presents a solution that allows you to select your preferred mobile and pay in manageable instalments.

Simple Steps to Acquire Your Jazz Mobile Installment

Applying for a new mobile through Jazz’s official portal is straightforward. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the process:

Check Your Eligibility Online Jazz Mobile Installment

To be eligible for the Jazz X Kistpay Smartphone Installment Plan, you must have an active Jazz prepaid or postpaid SIM for at least one year with a monthly recharge history of PKR 1500. You can quickly check your SIM number’s eligibility online. If you meet the criteria, you’ll receive a congratulatory message; otherwise, you’ll be notified of your ineligibility.

Check Your Eligibility Online
Check Your Eligibility Online Jazz Mobile Installment

Explore the Range of Smartphones:

Jazz offers a variety of brands like Samsung, Vivo, Nokia, Redmi, and Oppo. The range of available models depends on your SIM card’s recharge history. Frequent recharges unlock more options, while a standard recharge history limits your choices.

Terms & Conditions:

Both prepaid and postpaid users are eligible. You must have a 12-month active SIM and a monthly recurring recharge history of PKR 1500. Once qualified, select your desired mobile, the installment period, and the down payment range. You also have the option to choose insurance. Jazz will then calculate the total amount and your monthly installment.

Seize this Golden Opportunity

Jazz’s installment plan is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to upgrade their mobile experience without the financial strain of an outright purchase. With easy eligibility checks and a straightforward application process, getting a brand-new smartphone is now more accessible than ever.

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