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Jazz Slypee Service is notable for offering various online content, including movies, songs, games, videos, and pictures. While it’s a beautiful service, some users choose to unsubscribe due to the daily charges of Rs 4+tax. Here, we will guide you through two easy methods to unsubscribe from this service for prepaid and postpaid users.

Why Unsubscribe Jazz Slypee Service?

Some Jazz users might find the daily charges of Jazz Slypee, Rs 4+tax, a bit overbearing, leading to a decision to unsubscribe. This can save the hassle of unnecessary balance deductions every day

Unsubscribing Methods Jazz Slypee Service?

There are two official methods to unsubscribe

  • Through the Helpline
  • Via Online Slypee Support

Or, you can send “Unsub” to 9825 from your prepaid Jazz SIM to deactivate the service swiftly

Method 1: Unsub through the Helpline

  • Dial 111 and connect with a Jazz agent.
  • Politely request the agent to deactivate the Slypee service.
  • Allow the agent to process your request. Note that standard charges and taxes will apply for this method.
  • Remember this method for any future service deactivations.

Method 2: Use Online Slypee Support

  • Visit the official Jazz Slypee portal by typing Jazz Slypee Pk on Google and clicking the first link. 
  • Click the “plus” sign button in the right-side footer and select the question mark option.
  • Fill in your name, email, and request to “Unsubscribe Jazz Slypee Service,” mentioning your phone number.
  • The support team will process your request swiftly, and you will receive a confirmation SMS once the service is deactivated.

Daily Charges Jazz Slypee Service

Users who do not unsubscribe will incur daily charges of Rs 4+tax, totalling Rs 120+tax monthly, just for this additional service.

Quick Tips

  • To unsubscribe, you can call 111 or use the online portal.
  • No charges apply for these unsubscribing methods, but you must have a Rs 5 balance before calling 111.

In Conclusion

Jazz Slypee is an impressive service for those who enjoy various online content. However, if you find the daily charges burdensome, follow the above simple steps to unsubscribe and avoid extra balance deductions.


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