Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code 2024

Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code 2024: Have you got a Telenor SIM and are wondering how to say goodbye to those SMS, calls, or internet packages you no longer need? You’re at the right place! Let’s dive into the straightforward methods to deactivate these packages without hassle.

The Only Code You Need

Contrary to what you might find elsewhere, each Telenor package has its unique unsubscription code. There is no need to get lost in a sea of regulations – here, we’ve compiled all the official deactivation codes in one handy list. Just find your package and use its specific code to unsubscribe.

Telenor All Packages Unsubscribe Code 2024: 3 Tricks

(1) Official Unsubscribe Code:

The most direct method. Each package has its deactivation code. Just dial it, and you’re free from the box

Example Codes

Offer Name:Deactivate Trick
All Offers UnsubSMS “unsub” to 6006
Smart Tune Service*230*001#
Advance Balance (Loan)3737
Cricket Alerts ServiceUNSUB to 5120
Islamic Alerts ServiceSMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5151
Mobile Academy (Taleem)SMS ‘ Unsub’ to 5224
Telenor News Alerts (info service)Send Unsub to 6006
Missed Call Alerts (Weekly)*345*623#
Missed Call Alerts (60 Days)Send ‘dmca’ to 345
Alert My Caller ServiceSend ‘DAMC’ to 345
Telenor Drama StationSMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5300
Smart Number (Double Num)SMS ‘Unsub’ to 6300
Telenor Goonj TV Unsubscribe3737
Sehat Care ServiceSMS ‘UNSUB’ to 6242
Ilaqai Ganay (koyal)SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 5995
Telenor teleclips Unsub“Unsub TeleClips” to 8068

(2) All-in-One Unsubscribe SMS Trick

A one-size-fits-all solution for most packages. Send “unsub” to 6006.

(3) Deactivate by Calling the Helpline

When in doubt, call the Telenor Helpline at 3737. A customer representative will assist you in deactivating your active packages

What About the Charges?

Good news! There are no fees for deactivating packages. However, remember that calling the helpline might incur standard call charges.

Check Before You Uncheck!

Before unsubscribing, it’s wise to double-check the active packages on your SIM by calling the Telenor helpline. This step ensures you’re not incurring unnecessary charges for services you’re not using.


Say farewell to unwanted packages and keep your mobile budget in check! And for any further details, remember to check out the INFO & FAQs.

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