Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code 2024 (100% Working)

Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code 2024: Are you searching for a simple way to deactivate your Telenor Smart Tune? We’ve got you covered with a straightforward guide. Telenor Smart Tune lets your callers hear your favorite song, Naat, Noha, poetry, or other audio clips when they call you. It’s a fun way to express yourself, but if you ever feel like it’s time for a change, here’s how you can unsubscribe easily.

Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code

Quick Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Options

  • You use a Simple Code: Dial *230001# to quickly unsubscribe from the Telenor Smart Tune service. You’ll receive a confirmation message once it’s deactivated. Remember, the unsubscription charge is just PKR 0.05.
  • Via SMS: If you prefer texting, send “USUB” to 230. This is an effortless way to stop the service.
  • Through the Telenor Menu: Access the Smart Tune settings by dialing *710#. First, reply with ‘7‘ to enter the Smart Tune menu, then respond with ‘2‘ to turn off your Smart Tune.

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Detailed Steps Telenor Smart Tune to Unsubscribe

  • Dialing the Code: Start by dialing *710#.
  • Navigating the Menu: After dialing, respond with ‘7‘ to open the Smart Tune menu.
  • Final Step: Now, reply with ‘2‘ to deactivate the Smart Tune service.

Smart Tune Deactivation Methods

  • SMS Method: Text “USUB” to 230.
  • Direct Code: Dial *230001#.
  • Menu Navigation: Use *710# > 7 > 2.
  • Unsubscription Cost: A nominal fee of PKR 0.05.

Terms & Conditions Telenor Smart Tune Unsubscribe Code

  • Deactivation Cost: The charge for deactivation is PKR 0.05.
  • Customer Support: Need help? Call the Telenor customer care helpline at 1700.
  • Service Details: Callers will no longer hear your selected tune after unsubscribing.
  • Reactivation: You can always reactivate the service for PKR 2/day.
  • Setting a Tune: Choose your favorite tune by calling the helpline.
  • More Information: For complete details, visit Telenor’s official website.

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