Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe Code List 2024

Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe Code List 2024: Are you considering unsubscribing from your Telenor SMS package? Whether the package no longer suits your needs or you’re looking to save some balance, you’ve come to the right place for easy solutions.

Simple Method Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe Code 2024

Dial the Deactivation Code

  • If you already know the deactivation code for your package, it’s as simple as dialing it from your phone.

Dial the Deactivation Code

  • Need the deactivation code? No problem! Download the “My Telenor App”. It’s a straightforward way to view and deactivate your current packages.

Telenor SMS Packages Unsubscribe Code List Here

Here’s a quick rundown of the deactivation codes for various Telenor SMS packages:

  • Telenor Daily SMS: Dial 22*1#
  • Djuice Daily SMS: Use My Telenor App
  • Mini Budget 50: Use My Telenor App
  • Mini Budget 100: Dial *111#
  • 3 Din Sahulat: Use My Telenor App
  • 3 pr 3 Offer: Use My Telenor App
  • 5 Din Offer: Dial *111#
  • 7 Days Mini: Use My Telenor App
  • Haftawar Sahulat: Dial *111#

How Unsubscribe Telenor SMS Packages with Ease Using My Telenor App

The “My Telenor App” is the most efficient way to manage your SMS packages. It’s designed to provide an accessible overview of your active packages, allowing you to unsubscribe as needed.

No Extra Charges for Unsubscribing

One of the best parts? No charges for unsubscribing from any SMS, call, or data bundle exist.

Final Thoughts

Unsubscribing from Telenor SMS packages has never been easier, especially with the “My Telenor App” launch. For more information and direct access to Telenor’s official page, we’ve provided a link to guide you further.

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