Ufone Blaze Device Price And Packages 2024 (Full Details)

Ufone Blaze Device Price and Packages 2024 : Ufone has introduced a compact, portable 4G device, the “Blaze WiFi,” allowing users to experience high-speed internet on the go, available for Rs 5500. This device ensures users don’t miss a beat when staying connected, providing affordable 3G & 4G monthly packages. Like its competitors, Ufone’s Blaze device is small and battery-powered, allowing users to carry it anywhere easily. Key Features

Key Features Of Ufone Blaze Device

  • Size: Compact, fits in the palm
  • Internet Accessibility: Offers 4G internet
  • Battery Capacity: 2000 MAh
  • Connectivity: Allows the creation of WiFi Hotspots; can connect up to 10 users simultaneously
  • Compatibility: Connects with all types of devices
  • Usage: Plug & Play feature, no installation required
  • Indicators: Signals, messages, hotspots, and battery lights
  • Battery Timing: Offers 4 hours of non-stop internet with 250 hours of standby
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty with a free replacement in case of defects

Ufone Blaze Device Packages 2024 And Activation Code

Ufone Blaze Device Monthly Packages Details

120GB for Rs 2199 (1 Month) 

120GB for Rs 2199 (1 Month) – *SUB-Code: 7073#

  • 60GB usable any time
  • 60GB usable from 1 Am to 1 Pm

200GB for Rs 2499 (1 Month)

200GB for Rs 2499 (1 Month) – *SUB-Code: 7074#

  • 100GB usable any time
  • 100GB usable from 1 Am to 1 Pm

300GB for Rs 2999 (1 Month)

300GB for Rs 2999 (1 Month) – *SUB-Code: 7075#

  • 150GB usable any time
  • 150GB usable from 1 Am to 1 Pm

Ufone Blaze Device Long-Term Packages

360GB for Rs 6000 (3 Months)

360GB for Rs 6000 (3 Months) – *SUB-Code: 7076#

  • 180GB usable any time
  • 180GB usable from 1 Am to 1 Pm

900GB for Rs 13,000 (6 Months)

900GB for Rs 13,000 (6 Months)– *SUB-Code: 7077#

  • 450GB usable any time
  • 450GB usable from 1 Am to 1 Pm

1800GB for Rs 24,000 (12 Months)

1800GB for Rs 24,000 (12 Months) – *SUB-Code: 7078#

  • 900GB usable any time
  • 900GB usable from 1 Am to 1 Pm

How to Purchase Ufone Blaze Device And Use?

To acquire the Blaze device, visit any Ufone franchise, retailer, or service centre and pay Rs 4200. The box includes the device, battery, charging cable, charger, SIM card, warranty card, and a user manual. The device supports 3G and 4G, comes with a 1-year warranty, and the battery has a 6-month warranty.

The device will be registered against your provided phone number, termed the “Master Number,” which will be used to receive all the notifications and check usage and remaining MBs by dialling *3045#. To subscribe to any package, you can visit the Ufone franchise, and they will activate it for you at the original price without additional charges.


The Ufone Blaze device is a revolutionary step by Ufone, aiming to provide quality internet services to its users at affordable prices. It stands out due to its user-friendly features, compact size, and exceptional packages. Whether you are a traveller, a student, or want to stay connected wherever you go, this device is a suitable companion. Please comment below if you need more information or assistance with your Blaze device!

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