Ufone Double Number Service Code 2024 (2 Numbers in 1 SIM)

Ufone Double Number Service Code 2024 (2 Numbers in 1 SIM): Ufone’s innovative Double Number Service is a unique offering for those who prefer to keep their number private from strangers or specific individuals. With this service, you can maintain your privacy by having two numbers – your original SIM number and an additional ‘imaginary’ number. This dual-number functionality is perfect for communicating with new acquaintances or specific contacts without revealing your primary number.

Ufone Double Number Service Details & Codes

Service Name:Double Number
Activation:Send SUB
to 660
Deactivate:Send UNSUB
to 660
Weekly Price:PKR 8
Monthly Price:PKR 32

How to Activate Ufone Double Number Service

  • Dialing Code: Dial *66# from your Ufone number.
  • SMS Activation: Alternatively, text “SUB” to 660.

Upon activation, you’ll receive an SMS from Ufone with your new secondary number.

Service Charges Ufone Double Number

  • Weekly Fee: PKR 8
  • Monthly Fee: PKR 32

These affordable rates apply to all prepaid subscribers.

Using Your Double Number:

To use your secondary number for calls or SMS, dial 66 before the recipient’s number. For instance, to contact the number 0332xxxxxxx, dial 66 and 0332xxxxxxx. This ensures the receiver sees your secondary number, keeping your primary number private.

Additional Charges

Note that using the secondary number for calls or SMS incurs additional charges on top of the standard rate.

Ufone Double Number Service Deactivation Code

To discontinue the service, send “UNSUB” to 660.


Ufone Double Number Service is a practical solution for those needing two numbers using a single SIM. This service is easy to activate and use, offering an extra layer of privacy at an affordable price.

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