How To Get Unlimited Free Internet On Jazz 3G4G SIM

Are you a Jazz 3G/4G user craving for free internet? Well, you’re in luck! Jazz, previously known as Mobilink, is famous for rolling out new codes and methods to reward its users with free data. These efforts are part of their strategy to attract new subscribers and boost their network ratings.

Daily Surprises: New Apps & Codes

Jazz keeps things exciting by launching new apps and codes frequently. These offers provide free data with varying validity periods, often stretching up to 7 days. It’s a fun way to stay connected without worrying about data charges!

Your Key to Free Internet: Codes List Jazz Unlimited Free Internet

Check out these codes for free data on Jazz 3G/4G SIMs. Remember, these codes were introduced at different times, so some might have expired, while others could still be your ticket to free internet. Note that Jazz reserves the right to modify or discontinue these offers anytime.

*117*72*3#500 Mbps
*117*9*3#50 GB
*67182#5 GB
*5555#1 GB
*191#2 GB
*117*72*3#500 Mbps
*499#Free FB
*117*4#Free FB
*225#25 Mbps
*110#Free YouTube
*836#300 Mbps
*264#Unlimited 2G
*832#500 Mbps
*443*30#4 GB
*117*9#5 GB
*191#700 Mbps
*463#50 Mbps
*499#Free Social Sites
*114*6#Free FB

Jazz World App: Your Gateway to Free Data

Jazz 4G isn’t just about codes; it’s also about convenience through their Jazz World App. Here’s how you can dive into a world of free data:

  • Open the Play Store.
  • Search for “Jazz World App.”
  • Download and install the app.
  • Open it and select “Daily Rewards.”
  • Enjoy free data ranging from 25 to 200 Mbps over a week.


In conclusion, Jazz has been quite generous throughout 2024, introducing numerous codes for free internet. We’ve gathered these codes for your convenience. Enjoy the unrestricted data and stay connected!

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