Zong 12AM to 12PM Internet Package (Sub & Unsub)

Zong provides diverse internet packages, including the Zong GNO, DTO, and Mega data offers, catering to your varying needs. These packages are thoughtfully designed with specific timing to fit your schedule, offering 3G/4G data services at affordable rates.

Zong GNO Offer

Also called the Zong Youth Offer, the GNO Offer is perfect for night owls looking to surf the internet. Users can get 2.5GB (2500 MBs) of data from 1 AM to 9 AM daily, all for just Rs 25.

  • Offer Name: Zong GNO Offer
  • Data: 2.5GB
  • Timing: 1 AM to 9 AM
  • Validity: 1-Day
  • Price: Rs 25
  • Subscription Method: Send “GNO” to 6464.

Zong DTO Offer

Zong has the Day Time Offer (DTO) for those who are active during the day. This package gives you 1.5 GB (1500 MBs) of data for Rs 25, available from 4 AM to 7 PM daily.

  • Offer Name: Zong DTO Offer
  • Data: 1.5GB
  • Timing: 4 AM to 7 PM
  • Validity: 1-Day
  • Price: Rs 25
  • Subscription Method:  Dial *47#.

Zong Weekly Mega Package

For users looking for a more extended validity period, the Weekly Mega package provides 100GB of internet from 1 AM to 9 AM, valid for seven days, for only PKR 150. Please ensure you have Rs 155 in your account to meet the tax requirements.

  • Offer Name: Weekly Mega Package
  • Data: 100GB
  • Timing: 1 AM to 9 AM
  • Validity: 7-Day
  • Price: Rs 150
  • Subscription Method:  Dial *808#..


These unique packages come with specific “AM to AM” or “AM to PM” timings, ensuring you find a package that aligns with your schedule. Please remember that no box is available from 12 AM to 12 PM, but the above options offer similar timing.

Terms & Conditions

  • These packages are daily & weekly internet packages.
  • They offer 3G/4G coverage.
  • These Zong offers are operational at fixed timings.
  • All Zong users across Pakistan can activate these offers.
  • Please be aware that taxes will apply; thus, loading more than the actual bucket price is advisable to avoid any inconvenience.

Feel free to choose any packages above that suit your schedule and enjoy Zong’s seamless internet services!

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