Zong Infinity Voice Offer Code 120 Minutes For 180 Days

Zong has devised the Infinity Voice Offer to cater to users who prefer making brief yet meaningful calls. By dialling *710#, subscribers can avail of this offer, gaining 120 minutes of Zong to Zong calls, valid for 180 days—all for a nominal fee of PKR 40. To check the remaining minutes and the offer’s validity, dial 1023#.

Zong Infinity Voice Offer Packages & Price Details

  • Offer Name: Infinity Voice
  • Minutes (Zong to Zong): 120
  • Validity: 180 Days
  • Price: PKR 40
  • Subscription Code: *710#
  • Check Code: 1023#

This 6-month call package is solely for on-network calls. While 120 minutes may seem brief, considering the cost of PKR 40, it serves as a valuable long-term bundle for emergency short calls.

Zong Infinity Voice Offer Overview

This offer is specially curated for Zong users with shorter call durations. Many users make just one or two calls a day, usually not exceeding a minute per call. If you are such a user, this is an ideal package, allowing extended call availability at an affordable rate.

According to Zong, the Infinity Voice Offer lets subscribers make calls within the network, utilizing 120 minutes. The allocated minutes stay valid for 180 days, approximately six months.

How To Subscribe Zong Infinity Voice Offer via My Zong App:

  • Open “My Zong App“.
  • Navigate to call/voice packages.
  • Scroll and locate the “Infinity Voice Offer“.
  • Click on the offer and hit the “subscribe” button.
  • The package will be activated automatically.


In the era of 3G/4G, with rapid internet speed, Pakistan’s telecom network systems have evolved. Networks have launched official apps, including “My Zong App“, offering package details and subscription/unsubscription codes. Users can conveniently download this app to subscribe to and manage this long-duration call package.


The Zong Infinity Voice Offer provides a cost-effective calling solution with a validity of six months, making it a worthwhile choice for users who prefer shorter calls. It’s a straightforward, budget-friendly option without hidden call setup fees, allowing subscribers to enjoy half a year of on-network calls without hassle.

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