Zong Sargodha Offer 2024 Apna Shehr Sargodha Offer

Zong Sargodha Offer 2024 | Apna Shehr Sargodha Offer: Are you a Sargodha resident or frequently visiting its nearby areas? Great news! Zong has tailored the Apna Shehr Sargodha Offer just for you. It’s a unique package crafted to meet the communication needs of Sargodhians, providing an incredible blend of data, SMS, and call minutes.

Zong Sargodha Offer (Details)

For a pocket-friendly price of just PKR 140, this offer packs a powerful punch:

  • 5GB Internet: Browse, stream, and stay connected with a hefty 5GB of data.
  • 1000 SMS: Keep the conversations going with a thousand messages.
  • 1000 Zong Minutes: Talk your heart out with ample on-network minutes.
  • 40 Other Network Minutes: Stay connected, even across networks.

Weekly Delight – Easy Activation

Validity is never a concern, as these benefits last a whole week. To activate, dial *4466# and enter a world of unlimited possibilities in Sargodha.

Why Does This Offer Stand Out?

Zong’s Apna Shehr Sargodha Offer is location-based, ensuring that the residents of Sargodha receive the utmost value. This strategy follows the success of similar packages in Lahore and Karachi. Zong’s mission is to provide city-specific deals through its ZONG LOCATION-BASED PACKAGES initiative.

Understanding LBC (Location Based) Offers

Zong’s innovative approach to telecommunications includes introducing city-specific hybrid packages. The Zong Sargodha Offer is a shining example of these “Apna Shehr Offers,” designed to bring maximum benefits to specific locations.

Key Terms & Conditions

  • Prepaid Only: This offer is available for prepaid users.
  • Weekly Duration: Enjoy the benefits for a whole week.
  • Taxation: Standard GST, AIT, and FED rates apply.
  • Geographical Limit: Activation is limited to the Sargodha area.

Stay informed and make the most of your Zong connection with this bespoke offer, tailor-made for Sargodhians!

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