How to Unsubscribe Ufone All Packages (2023) Unsub Codes

How to Unsubscribe Ufone All Packages: Unsubscribe Ufone’s various packages can be a chore, especially when you want to unsubscribe from some. But fret not. We’ve got you covered! Pack My Sim has compiled a comprehensive guide to help you quickly unsubscribe from all Ufone SMS, Call, and Data packages.

Ufone offers a range of packages spanning daily, weekly, monthly, three-monthly, and six-monthly durations. Each package requires a separate unsubscribe process. However, there’s also a convenient way to deactivate all of them in one go.

Ufone Packages Universal Unsubscribe Method

Dial 333 or 0331-1333100, and a Ufone agent will assist you in deactivating any unwanted extra packages, whether prepaid or postpaid. This way, you don’t have to remember different package codes.

Step-by-Step Unsubscribe Ufone All packages Process

  • Dial 333 or 0331-1333100.
  • Request the Ufone agent to deactivate the unnecessary packages.
  • Voila! All unwanted extra (SMS, Call, and data) packages are deactivated.

Code List Of  Unsubscribe Ufone All Packages (2024)

If you prefer specific deactivations, here are the codes and methods for various Ufone packages

  • All Offers & Jokes Service: Dial 333.
  • Call Waiting Offer: Dial *43#.
  • UBlock & Block Service: Dial *420# or SMS “unsub” to 420.
  • Power Hour: Dial *5443#.
  • Advance Balance (loan): Dial 333.
  • Auto Balance Alert: Dial *127*2# or Call 127 & press 2.
  • Ufone Uth Package: Dial 0331 1333100.
  • Utune & Ufone RBT Service: SMS “UNSUB” to 6666.
  • FnF Service: SMS “Unsub” to 8604.
  • Night & Daily SMS: SMS “Unsub” to 8609 or 8611.
  • Weekly SMS: SMS “Unsub” to 8066.
  • Notify Me & U Notifications Service: SMS Unsub to 3030.
  • Ufone Ladies Lounge: SMS Unsub to 2525.
  • Collect Call Service: SMS Unsub to 902.
  • Kaun Hai Ufone Service: Dial *406#, then press or SMS “unsub” to 3404.
  • My Status Ufone: SMS Unsub to 6525.
  • Ufone UMonitor Service: SMS “unsub” to 6464.
  • Missed Call Alert Notifications: SMS “Unsub” to 180.

In Conclusion

Unsubscribe Ufone packages has always been challenging! If you’re losing balance without knowing why, call 333 or dial *7701# and let the Ufone agent deactivate all the extra packages you don’t need. Happy deactivating!

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