How To Change Your Zong Device Password 2024 Full Guide

How To Change Zong Device Password 2024: Before diving into the password change process, it’s crucial to identify your Zong device type and model. Please familiarize yourself with its physical components, as this will be central to the steps outlined here.

Simple Methods How to Change Your Zong Device Password

(1) Steps to Change Your Zong Device Password

Follow these easy steps to update your Zong device’s password quickly

  • Powering Up Your Zong Bolt: Begin by switching on your Zong Bolt device.
  • Device Connection: Connect the Zong device to your Android device or laptop.
  • Accessing the Device: Launch a web browser and enter in the address bar to access the device’s login page.
  • Logging In: On the login page, enter admin for both the username and password, and click the “Login” button.
  • Navigating to Settings: Once logged in, go to the device settings by clicking on “Settings“.
  • Adjusting WLAN Settings: In the settings menu, select “WLAN” followed by “Basic Settings“.
  • Updating Credentials: Here, you’ll see the current device name and password. Click on “SSID” to change the device name and on “WPA Key” to modify the device password.
  • Saving Changes: After making the necessary changes, click “Save & Apply” to update the settings.

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(2) Rest & Get Old Pin (Trick#2)

If you’ve forgotten your updated password, there’s a straightforward solution:

  • Resetting the Device: Remove the back cover of your Zong Bolt and press and hold the black button for 10 seconds. This action resets the device.
  • Default Password: Once reset, remove the battery to find the default password printed below it. Use this password to reconnect your devices.

Assistance and Support

For further assistance or queries, you can contact Zong’s helpline. This guide covers both methods for changing your device password and resetting it to the default.

Final Thoughts How To Change Your Zong Device Password 2024

This guide provides clear and simple instructions for managing your Zong device’s password. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll respond via email as promptly as possible.

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