Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code 2024 – Jazz TV Daily Offer Unsub

Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code 2024: If you’re looking to unsubscribe from the Jazz TV daily package, three straightforward methods are available. You can choose the one most convenient for you. Whether you have a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription, follow the instructions below to unsubscribe successfully and save time and balance

How To Unsubscribe Jazz Tv | Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code


  • Compose a new message, type “unsub,” and send it to 6611.


  • This will deactivate your active TV bundle in just a few seconds.
  • Service charges are PKR 0.15, including tax.
  • This code can deactivate all Mobilink Packages.

How To Uninstall the Jazz TV App


  • Go to your Android settings, access application settings, select “Jazz TV,” and click the “uninstall button.”


  • After uninstallation, all activated bundles will unsubscribe automatically.
  • here is no additional charge for this method.

How To Jazz TV Deactivate via Helpline


  • Call Jazz Helpline at 111, connect to customer care service, and ask the agent to deactivate your Jazz TV package.


  • Charges apply as per the call to the helpline number.

Overview Jazz TV Unsubscribe Code 2024

Jazz TV offers its subscribers the luxury to enjoy endless videos, including dramas, movies, cartoons, and more, all at economical rates. These deactivation methods are designed to give you flexibility and ease. By following any of the abovementioned tricks, you can effortlessly unsubscribe from all Jazz TV packages, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

For more detailed information and FAQs, you can click here

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