JazzCash Withdraw Charges List 2024  All You Need To Know!

JazzCash Withdraw Charges List 2024: JazzCash, a prominent mobile financial service, offers users the convenience of transferring funds effortlessly. Users with a JazzCash account linked to their Jazz SIM can send and receive money instantly. This service is beneficial for sharing money via mobile numbers, double as account numbers

JazzCash Withdraw Charges Explain

Whenever you withdraw money from your JazzCash account or transfer it to a bank account, specific charges, known as “JazzCash Withdraw Charges,” apply. These fees depend on the transaction amount and vary for different withdrawal ranges.

JazzCash Withdraw Charges List

To simplify understanding, we’ve categorized the JazzCash withdrawal fees into five distinct brackets:

1 Rupee to 1000 Rupees Charges

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 1 to 2007 Rupees
PKR 201 to 50012 Rupees
PKR 501 to 100020 Rupees

1001 Rupees to 6000 Rupees Charges

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 1001 to 250040 Rupees
PKR 2501 to 400070 Rupees
PKR 4001 to 6000100 Rupees

6001 Rupees to 13000 Rupees Charges

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 6001 to 8000130 Rupees
PKR 8001 to 10000180 Rupees
PKR 10001 to 13000230 Rupees

13001 Rupees to 25000 Rupees Charges

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 13001 to 16000280 Rupees
PKR 16001 to 20000330 Rupees
PKR 20001 to 25000380 Rupees

25001 Rupees to 50000 Rupees Charges

Transaction Amount:Charges (Tax)
PKR 25001 to 30000470 Rupees
PKR 30001 to 40000560 Rupees
PKR 40001 to 50000690 Rupees

Value for Money

JazzCash’s affordable charges facilitate easy money transfers across Pakistan. The service ranges from a minimal fee of 7 PKR for a 200 PKR withdrawal to a maximum of 690 PKR for a 50,000 PKR withdrawal, hence the moniker “low tax best service.”

EasyPaisa Withdrawal Charges


For additional information, FAQs, and detailed queries about withdrawal charges, visiting the official JazzCash website is recommended.

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