JazzFi or Jazz WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) All You Need To Know!

Jazz WiFi Calling, or JazzFi, is a groundbreaking innovation in Pakistan introduced by Jazz 4G. This technology lets users make WiFi calls when traditional tower signals are weak or unavailable. This means that users can now connect anywhere there is WiFi, overcoming the challenges of “No Signal” alerts commonly experienced in remote and mountainous areas.

Keep in Touch Affordably

VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) technology represents a significant stride in telecommunications. Typically, calls are made and received from one SIM to another through telecom signals. However, this technology allows for seamless connection and communication in areas where tower signals are either weak or non-existent.

Jazz recognizes the importance of staying connected, especially in areas with signal challenges, and has introduced this technology to ensure uninterrupted calls and messaging services independent of tower signals. With JazzFi, users can make voice calls and send SMS or MMS anywhere, anytime around the globe, guaranteeing connectivity even in the most backward areas.

VoWiFi Service Charges

The telecommunication landscape is evolving, with advancements like 3G, 4G, LTE, VoLTE, and now VoWiFi/JazzFi leading the charge. VoWiFi employs WiFi for call connections, maintaining the same protocol as conventional call connections. Thus, the calling rates remain the same for calls made using tower signals.

How To Activative VoWiFi on JazzFi Android & iOS

The Jazz WiFi Calling feature can be easily activated on Android and iOS devices. Users need to switch their connection mode to WiFi. Calling in their settings is a straightforward process, especially for those with the latest models of cell phones.

How To Activative VoWiFi on JazzFi Android & iOS
How To Activative VoWiFi on JazzFi Android & iOS


A closer look at JazzFi reveals it to be a commendable initiative by Jazz, offering a contemporary solution in their SIM cards. It ensures that tourists visiting Pakistan’s northern areas and residents in remote locations stay connected, thanks to the Jazz WiFi Calling/Jazz VoWiFi service. This technology enhances connectivity and makes the communication experience more user-friendly and accessible to everyone, reaffirming the importance of staying connected regardless of geographical constraints.

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